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To register your organisation with Everydayhero in order to participate in School Fun-Run, please complete the steps below:

  1. Complete and submit the online registration form below
  2. In some cases, we may need to contact your organisation to complete the registration.
School logo and colours

You can include your school's logo on every supporter page created to raise money for your school.

*If you don't have a logo, that's okay, we will use our default school image (See below).

Details of school

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Responsible Person 1

This person is responsible for your school, is the decision maker, can sign off on legal documents etc.

Responsible Person 2

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Organisations Responsible Persons

Please upload verification of position for your responsible persons e.g. AGM Minutes, company registration document etc.

Contact person for fundraising

This person will be a contact within your fundraising department.

Details of entity conducting fundraising

Please note this is the school entity conducting the fundraising activity and referred to in our terms & conditions of Everyday Hero online fundraising services.

This may be the school or the fundraising committee of your school, such as the Parents & Citizens Association.

Your school, P&C or P&F must have Donee status if you wish for Everyday Hero to issue tax-deductable receipts to your donors.

If you don’t have tax deductible status, we can still accept donations, but not issue tax deductible receipts.

School profile on our website

Some information you provide in this section will appear in your School Profile

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Financial contact details

This person will be a contact within your finance department.

Payment destination details

We need this information to deposit donations made to your school entity. If you are claiming IRD (Tax deductible) status, you must provide the account details of the entity that has IRD status.

Please ensure you upload a bank statement rather than a deposit slip.

Confidential and financial information on the statement can be covered up.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Everyday Hero Online Fundraising Services Everyday Hero shall provide the School Entity registered above with online fundraising services so that donations can be made online to the School Entity by Donors using a credit card or PayPal account. Fundraisers for the School Entity will be able to create individual Hero Pages to appeal for online donations to the School Entity. Everyday Hero will provide the School Entity with all information required to utilise the online fundraising services and to track online donations to the School Entity. Everyday Hero will offer telephone and email support to the School Entity, its fundraisers and donors during business hours.

Everyday Hero will receive donations to the School Entity into its Bank Account, and will then pay the School Entity by electronic transfer the net payment amount (total of donations received in a fourteen day period after deduction of the Service Fee) every fourteen days into its nominated bank account. Everyday Hero will keep a separate Management Account for the School Entity showing all donations received, service fees deducted and transfer of donations to the School Entity. Everyday Hero will provide the School Entity with password-protected access to this account and the names and addresses of the Donors who have made donations.

Everyday Hero will provide FREE membership from the commencement date. The School Entity may terminate the online fundraising services provided by Everyday Hero to the School Entity by giving at least 30 days notice, or either party may terminate immediately in the event of an act that adversely affects the reputation or business of the other party.

The School Entity will pay a Service Fee comprised of a service fee of 5.5% plus GST of the gross amount of funds raised for the School Entity and a credit card processing fee at current market rate costs per transaction.

This fee is deducted from each fortnightly payment before the funds are dispersed to the school entity. Everyday Hero will secure and protect the information obtained from all users of the Website in accordance with the New Zealand Privacy Act 1993 and Everyday Hero’s privacy policy. The School Entity will ensure that the information published on the Website relating to the School Entity and its request for donations, including information placed on the website by the School Entity’s fundraisers, does not breach any law and does not contain material that is defamatory, pornographic, prohibited, violent or otherwise offensive. The School Entity confirms that an authority to fundraise under relevant state or territory fundraising statutes is not required by the School Entity for this fundraising activity. Where this authority is required, the School Entity will notify Everyday Hero so that the appropriate paperwork can be executed. In this case, all conditions associated with the applicable fundraising statutes will be complied with, including those relating to the participation and supervision of children in fundraising activities.

The School Entity confirms it will comply with all relevant laws and policies relating to obtaining parental consent and the appropriate supervision and direction of children participating in fundraising activities. The School Entity will not expose Everyday Hero to risk of any claim, legal or administrative action. The School Entity will take out and maintain all necessary insurances. The School Entity grants Everyday Hero permission to use and publish on the Website or in related publicity the information that has been provided by the School Entity to Everyday Hero for the School Entity’s fundraising purposes. All other information shared between the School Entity and Everyday Hero will be treated confidentially. Everyday Hero shall indemnify the School Entity against any loss or liability arising out of any breach of these terms and conditions by Everyday Hero. The School Entity shall indemnify Everyday Hero against any loss or liability arising out of any breach of these terms and conditions by the School Entity.

I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions